, April 02, 2020

l Bridge ;

  • Names: Bridge, Earl, Erl
  • { Recommended Gauge: 14G
  • + Healing Time: 8 - 12 Weeks(Externally).
    4 to 6 Months(Internally).
  • Risks: Rejection/Migration. Scarring.

( Description: The bridge piercing is located between the eyes on the bridge of the nose. This piercing is most commonly pierced using a 14 gauge straight barbell. Other names for this piercing are Earl or Erl.

l Aftercare: It is recommended with this piercing to clean twice a day using saline solution or antibacterial soap. Do not overclean. Irritation from overcleaning can result in migration of the piercing.

Avoid: Do not use rubbing alchohol as a cleaner or anything else that can cause harm to your eyes if it were to come into contact with them. Do not change the jewelry for this until the piercing is healed. Swimming holes, creeks, rivers, etc. due to bacterial exposure risk.

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